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We in Global Procurement Services believe that only by trusting each other can businesses hope to work and win together. Trust and Transparency are two of HCL’s core values. 这些核心价值观, coupled with our obligations to our customers, 股东, 员工, and communities form the foundation of 全球定位系统(GPS) function and it’s Policy.

全球定位系统(GPS) is an enabling function which develops and maintains a strategically aligned and cost-advantaged vendor ecosystem for HCL. 全球定位系统(GPS) works globally across all categories of goods and 服务 (i.e. 技术, 或有劳动, and 业务服务) to provide purchasing support to all HCL’s business units in accordance with the Policy. 全球定位系统(GPS) manages all types of third-party deals; Internal, 管理服务, Customer-specific and Resale striving to provide solutions to the business and customer requirements while building strong global and regional supplier relationships.

While the procurement policy has been tuned to ensure the appropriate controls, 流程, and fiduciary rigor are applied to all purchases of goods and 服务 in support of HCL’s business operations, but in case if you have any concern or query (\’s) about 全球定位系统(GPS), should be raised by submitting the details in the form available below. You can also learn more about the procurement policy in detail using below link:

Click 在这里 to learn more about Procurement Policy