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hcl technologies is a next-generation global technology company that helps enterprises reimagine their businesses for the digital age. We deliver the world ' s best products and services, such as hardware and software solutions, through passion for innovation and optimal operation, to further economic development. With a worldwide network of 187,000+‘Ideapreneurs’working in 50 countries,  HCL serves enterprises across key industries, including 250 of the Fortune 500 and 650 of the Global 2000; with next-generation technologies, gtm strategy formulation, overall IT landscape in the digital age, and other areas.

a global leading technology company, HCL is here to play a vital and valuable role in korean economic development and trade promotion between india and korea.


hcl technologies是新一代的全球科技公司,支持企业在数字时代重组商业。. 本公司的技术产品和服务是世界级的经营哲学, …以新技术开发和风险管理为基础的强大的组织文化。, 它建立在对客户关系的持续关注和40年的创新之上。.


HCL是全球R。&D拥有与联合创新研究所的网络和全球营销能力, 横跨50个国家的159,我们拥有超过1000名专业人员,为各行各业的领军企业提供综合IT服务,其中包括250家财富500强企业和650家全球2000强企业。, 全球IT服务公司品牌估值排行前七.

如今,各行各业的公司都处在一个转折点。. 在数字时代,分析技术、云技术、物联网和自动化都是成功的关键。. 为了提供最大的技术优势来实现企业的业务目标,HCL提供了一个产品和服务组合,由3个业务单位组成。. 其中包括IT和商业服务(ITBS)、工程和R&D服务&d services, ERS, products and platforms, P&P).

our strategy mode 1 - 2 - 3

In a world of constant technology disruption, hcl technologies, as a leading技术公司, helps its global clients map and navigate their transformational journeys in the digital age, fuelling them with emerging technologies such as cloud, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, via hardware and software solutions across the same. hcl technologies ' unique blend of services and products enables clients to achieve this transformation guided by the framework of HCL ' s Mode 1-2-3 Strategy. The three modes can together play a role in a client ' s overall GTM strategy, or individually contribute to an independent growth strategy for economic development.

digital enterprise

mode 1: core services

HCL ' s Mode 1 offers core services in the areas of Application services, infrastructure services, engineering and research & Development, and数字进程行动. These Mode 1 offerings enable our clients to become much more efficient and agile and, therefore, more competitive in their industries. This is achieved through extreme automation, efficient delivery, and operationagility. Mode 1 leverages clients ' current business and IT landscape by consolidating a firm ' s existing core, and identifying new ways to enhance that core with new technologies.

mode 2: next - generation services

HCL ' s Mode 2 offerings help enterprises take the next digital leap through insight-based, experience - centric, and outcome-driven integrated services that leverage next-generation technologies. Our Mode 2 offerings - digital & analytics, iot works™, cloud本机services, help our clients reimagine their businesses to remain relevant and take advantage of opportunities in the digital age.

Mode 3: products and platforms

HCL ' s Mode 3 offerings deliver innovative solutions that help clients target specific next-generation opportunities. Drawing on IP created both internally and through an ecosystem of strategic partnerships, HCL ' s scalable and ready-to-deploy software products and platforms reduce the time for clients to become future-ready.

hcl ' s strategy mode 1 - 2 - 3 is truly a differentiating approach in today ' s marketplace, one that our clients are increasingly adopting. We are continuing to build and invest in our Mode 1-2-3 capabilities. This includes re-skilling our employees, and giving them the capabilities to deliver the services and products that make us the partner of choice for our clients globally.


在一个不断创新的世界里,hcl technologies的云计算, 通过人工智能和数据分析等新技术,帮助我们映射和探索变化的历程。. 通过hcl technologies独特的服务和产品组合,客户可以在HCL模式1-2-3战略框架下实现这种转换。. 三种模式可以共同作用于整个客户策略,也可以单独为独立的增长策略作出贡献。.

digital enterprise


HCL的mod1提供了在应用服务、基础设施服务、工程和研发、数字流程操作等方面的核心服务. 通过这种模式1操作,客户的业务效率更高、速度更快,在相关行业具有更大的竞争力。.. 这是通过高度自动化,高效的经销商和灵活的操作来实现的。. mode 1提供了一种新的方法,利用公司客户当前的业务环境和IT环境来整合现有的核心,并利用新的技术来强化这些核心。.


HCL的mod2 operation支持企业利用新一代技术,以洞察力为基础,以经验为中心,以结果为中心的综合服务,实现新一代数字飞跃。. 数字与分析, iot works™(物联网), 云原生服务, 网络安全与GRC, 风险, (遵守规则)服务等mod2产品帮助客户重组业务,以保持与数字时代的相关性,并充分利用机会。.

mode 3:产品和平台

HCL的mode 3 operation为客户提供创新的软件解决方案,以帮助客户实现特定的下一代机遇. 利用客户公司内部和战略合作的生态系统生成的IP, HCL的可扩展的、可立即发布的软件产品和平台可以缩短客户为未来做准备的时间.

HCL的mod1 -2-3战略是今天市场上真正独特的方法,顾客采用的方式不断增加。. 为了提高mode的1-2-3功能,我们正在不断的开发和投资。. 包括通过对员工的培训,为全球客户提供最佳服务和产品的能力。.

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