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Xpand最4.0 -盐酸的工业4.0框架


The manufacturing industry is faced with the most disruptive digital transformation revolution. The changing consumer preferences and market dynamics are driving the shift from mass 产品ion to mass personalization through 连接体验, 自动化, 和智能制造. 数字 disruption is rapidly altering industry dynamics and challenging traditional manufacturing enterprises to stay relevant in a networked ecosystem.

The success of manufacturing enterprises will be determined by their ability to expand into new growth areas (profit pools) by leveraging existing business synergies (sustained manufacturing agility) and creating newer, 个性化的, 和连接体验. 制造业 enterprises must create agile and smart digital ecosystems to swiftly respond to evolving business complexities. These digital ecosystems will be anchored through intelligent integration of cyber-physical systems by leveraging technologies like 数字 Twins, 智能传感器, cobots, AI /毫升, 基于“增大化现实”技术/虚拟现实, 3 d打印技术, 5G and backed by robust intelligent applications/platforms.

HCL Xpand最4.0 framework helps global manufacturers make best out of their 行业4.0倡议. It helps manufacturers expand into newer areas of growth by delivering phenomenal, 连接体验, powered by agile and smart digital ecosystems and convergence of data, 过程和见解. Xpand最4.0 enables immediate and tangible benefits of adopting 行业4.0 by harnessing the power of existing industrial and enterprise data. By cutting through the four data silos - customer, 产品, 操作, 以及生态系统数据竖井, we deliver insights and experiences that have a direct and significant impact on business and help to achieve sustained competitive advantage.

Xpand最4.0 is our umbrella offering, encompassing 连接设计, 连接工厂 and 连接 产品 & SERVICES, in addition to our IP based solutions portfolio.




  • 连接 工程 disciplines and effectively collaborating with 制造业 and SERVICES to gain internal efficiencies
  • 的见解 into 产品 usage patterns to provide unparallel Customer Experience


  • 数字化工厂的双胞胎
  • 数字 制造业 Operations: MES/MoM
  • Next Gen 制造业 分析: AI /毫升
  • Factory Automation: Cobots/Robots, AGV/AMR
  • 远程工厂运营(5G)
  • Machine Vision for QC, Inspection, Operations support
  • 操作技术(OT)


  • 连接 产品 information and field 产品 usage patterns to gain insights and provide service excellence and customer experience.



Packaged solution for accelerated adoption of 制造业 Process Management functionalities

Enterprise Content and Collaboration (ECCO
Enterprise Content and Collaboration (ECCO)

Semantic based enterprise platform to improve visibility and traceability of data using digital thread


Adaptive Integration platform for systems and software 工程 Lifecycle management

Real Time Online Supply Chain Tracking (ROST
Real Time Online Supply Chain Tracking (ROST)

A connected supply chain solution to improve supply chain performance by leveraging multiple technology levers to improve visibility of “Work in Progress” and “Risk Identification”


为智能平台框架, 连接, Autonomous and Secure Service Offerings is a framework to build and implement 数字 Service 平台 on top of a connected ecosystem of assets.

连接 Assets in Regulated Environment (CARE™ )
连接 Assets in Regulated Environment (CARE™ )

Platform for 医疗设备 which contains the necessary building blocks to accelerate the development of next generation software / SERVICES.

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