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数字应用程序 & 平台


HCL的数字应用程序 & 平台 (DAP) makes 数字-led Business Transformation a reality through the power of platform innovation and 应用程序现代化. 数字平台 & 应用单位带来的表格, more than 15 years of deep experience in designing and implementing API-first, 模块化, 开放, 光, 可用性, and business-ready platforms across all major 行业 and domains. Led by senior engineers with strong credentials in enabling digital transformation journeys of our customers; our 数字 平台 and Application SERVICES provide technology solutions which cover almost every facet of 数字 Transformation - be it marketing, 业务流程, 客户互动, x-commerce, business productivity or custom business platforms.

在衣冠楚楚的, we work hand-in-glove with the Business 分析 SERVICES and the 数字咨询 groups to rapidly implement transformed wireframes into robust digital platforms by leveraging contemporary 应用程序现代化 principles such as 原生云, API和微SERVICES, DevOps,和分析. Our 应用程序现代化 SERVICES ensure that the digital transformation journey continues to evolve with rapid changes in the markets and technologies. Our integrated approach for and strong track record have enabled us to achieve the coveted "Leader" rating by IDC for Worldwide 应用程序现代化 SERVICES for 数字 Transformation.



转换 application and experience landscape to lead in the digital economy.

市场营销 & 参与平台

转换 客户体验 on modern digital channels across customer journey touch points


Offers enterprises differentiated capabilities beyond digitalization through advanced cognitive elements.


带来了过程, 事件处理技术, and life-cycle management efficiencies together to deliver a unique experience to the customers.


Offers flexibility to enterprises by modernizing and migrating legacy systems to increase business responsiveness.




HCL’s ADvantage suite of platforms are developer-productivity improvement platforms. These platforms take design time artefacts and generate code, CI / CD管道, 监控相关脚手架. ADvantage suite comprises platforms for API/microSERVICES (ADVantage Code), migration from legacy to modern technologies (ADVantage Modernize), and digital marketing (ADvantage Experience).


CoTrust Blockchain application platform enables accelerated enterprise adoption of blockchain technologies. 它减少了时间, 成本, and risk by providing foundational capabilities and scaffolding required for blockchain implementations. It also brings in reusable business capabilities and domain-specific use-cases.


An experience platform for the workforce of an enterprise, enabling internal transformation through creation of synergy between the operational and ecosystem experiences, 提供最佳的客户体验.


XRStudio is HCL’s Extended Reality application development platform to rapidly develop industry-ready Augmented, 虚拟, and Mixed Reality 应用程序 using our reusable modules, 组件, 算法, 起动器套件, and content creation and conversion kits.


NEO is a fully managed solution offered by HCL to address the complexity associated with all the layers of a content management ecosystem. Neo makes content easier to manage, and to be used as an underlying service.